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Sync button Reality <-> Imagination

I wish there was some kind of SYNC button to sync my imagination with reality. This would really help avoid super huge disappointments !!!

Feature request [Team: Evolution]:
- User presses button on the body.
- The brain connects with some kind of unified source of truth aka Reality.
- The brain updates its local data aka Imagination by syncing its model with Reality.
- User is happy and acts rationally again.

-> What do you think?

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Process personality

Did you know that Linux processes had a personality ?!

What !

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I need to be unique. Like a primary key.

– me.

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The Mega Shit Day

Today I had the most unbelievable shitiest day ever in my life. Really. I will not go through the details but in my history, this day will be known as “The Mega Shit Day”. Anyway the new profile of Stackoverflow kind of cheered me up a little bit with their new metrics called “impact”. Finally meaningful numbers ! Not numbers that are just big or low but actual numbers that make a difference, you know ! It’s very positive to see the “impact” your contribution makes. Good idea, thanks for motivating me.

You see, interfaces can make a BIG difference !

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Millenium Delish

We have started to name our releases at work with a name of our choosing.
And today it was my turn to issue the release, I came up with this invented marvelous creation:

Millenium Delish

Today’s release

It’s just a cool practice we adopted at work to motivate us to make releases because usually it is the task that nobody wants to do so much it takes you time and make you stress out.

Cool stuff !

* I know there’s a typo in MillenNium it is a feature not a bug =p

I like journalists

I like journalists, I think they’re like organic algorithms. Constantly fetching data and organizing the information for you.

– me.

Today i liked my job

I just want to tag this day like you would git tag your project. I liked my job today, I felt contributing actively and positively working with very different kind of people like journalists, designers and dba. It was fun.

The day started with a terribly blocking bug to solve and continued with campaigning to other developers to get them to review my 176 files pull request. It is hard duty because you need to chase them so much they flee from you at all cost, but once you capture one you need to be nice. As for the blocking bug, fortunately once you think hard enough anything can be solved. Solving it unblocked us for our big goal of the day.

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Tcp relationships

Sometimes I think that human relationships are just like tcp connections. Sometimes they suddenly close and someone has to reconnect. Sometimes no matter the retries, the connection is just refused.

— me.

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Today I passed the 1,000 points on StackOw >> Good Stuff !
All thanks to my magnificent post on sessions !

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Warm feeling

Oh goodie, I love seeing those traffic sources for my blog !

Thank you visitors, you make me happy :)

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