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I need to be unique. Like a primary key.

– me.

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I like journalists

I like journalists, I think they’re like organic algorithms. Constantly fetching data and organizing the information for you.

– me.

Tcp relationships

Sometimes I think that human relationships are just like tcp connections. Sometimes they suddenly close and someone has to reconnect. Sometimes no matter the retries, the connection is just refused.

— me.

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My brother on Golang:

I don’t need to learn Go.

Because I do JAVA.


– When he caught me reading the Golang tutorial – the new hype language these days. What a true Java bear.

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Dev confused about how to implement his API :

Religion is so far better than computing. If only we had some kind of prophet too, at least we would know what to do in advance. Seriously.

– Today at work. In the end, we decided to go for it and refactor later :-D

Job inquiry : software prophet.

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My brother :

I Like when my machines keep in touch.

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