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“I really hate talking” : how Technology makes it OK

“I really hate talking” : this was my google search query of the day.

There is something I like to do…when a thought pops up in my head I like typing it in google and see if other people had the same thought too. I find it really amusing that sometimes the exact sentence I thought of, even as weird as it is, with the same combination of words appears in google. There is something reassuring to it. “Ohh google thinks like me ….. :)”. Other times when there is no result at all, it’s also flattering. “Hehe my thoughts are so unique … :)”. Today when I typed “I really hate talking” in google, it was really to measure how many people out there didn’t like talking either, I was certainly hoping to be reassured on some level…by the Internet.

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Happiness through blogging?


This blog is one of my favourite, sweet and hilarious, and most of all so very human.

PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard.

I used to admire this blog because it was super successful (>300,000,000 visitors) but was on a url, now they changed to .com, I wonder if this was really necessary…

I don’t base my happiness (yet) on the number of my blog’s visitors, but do you? Is it possible that one day technology fulfills our need for attention/care and happiness??

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