Movie review: The Adjustment Bureau

Screenwriters, you need to find other problems than just "losing touch with s.o" or "not knowing" for your stories because technology is already solving this.

The Adjustment Bureau

I watched this movie this morning: The Adjustment Bureau. I had no idea what it was about but I just assumed from the poster that it was a regular action movie. That’s what I was in the mood for: action movie. I hadn’t watched the trailer or read the reviews or summaries to benefit from a potential pleasant surprise effect. I suggest you do the same for that movie, don’t read or watch anything about it, just watch it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Now about the movie (beware some possible spoilers following).

The Hollywood specialty : let’s lose touch and then reunite

The movie is actually a sci-fi/romance/action/philosophy movie (!). Very cool. It’s an adaptation from Philip K. Dick’s  short story “The Adjustment Team”. I found it very funny for many reasons, but I’m writing this article because of this Hollywood specialty : “I might never see her ever again”.

You know, it’s that scene when two persons meet and there is something “magical” happening between them but for some reason, they lose touch and  struggle to meet again and we hear them saying in the end “I was afraid of never seeing you again…!”,  “ too”, “*kiss*”, “the end.” 

Losing touch ? So obsolete.

This scene is in the movie, but in a more sophisticated fashion. The movie is supposed to happen in the 21st century, but it always surprises me that screenwriters still use the possibility of losing touch to elaborate their stories. This is so obsolete. I think it’s impossible to lose touch with someone nowadays. In the movie, to keep in touch the woman writes her first name and number on a card, which of course gets lost. Come on. (By the way, why don’t they ever share their email addresses, so much easier to remember)

Today it just takes first name + name to keep in touch forever. If you lose touch with someone it just means you didn’t want to keep in touch, yes, it’s your responsibility now, not fate or some mystical events that happened in your life. Yes, now we know you just didn’t want to. Technology eliminates the need for struggle, it’s simple. And it’s going to evolve more and more in this way because technology reveals information that was once floating in minds, or rapidly vanishing, it captures all sorts of information. So at some point, you’ll know absolutely everything you need to know, you’ll just need to make a decision. I’m not discussing the consequences of that, but it’s just to highlight how Hollywood and technology are really out of sync, Hollywood = parallel universe. Screenwriters, you need to find other problems than just “losing touch with s.o” or “not knowing” for your stories because technology is already solving this.


Other than that, the subject of the movie is interesting and inspiring. I liked that quote:

We’re not built to lead with our emotions like you are.

– No, this is not a quote from a machine, you’ll need to watch the movie to know what could say that (or ok, just google it).