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My list of sci-fi movies

I love science-fiction.

Organic sci-fi

After always being attracted by the same kind of movie, I discovered that my favorite genre was actually a certain type of sci-fi where there is a sci-fi element but it’s embedded in the story, the viewer just has to accept the situation and we see how people deal with it. It makes original stories that change your perspective. I didn’t know how exactly to describe this type of movies so I decided to call it “organic sci-fi”. Here is an unordered list of my favorite movies of this kind with my rating :

Crazy sci-fi

But I also like crazy-type sci-fi full of interesting ideas kind of mixed in a blender.

These lists will be updated as I watch more movies like these, please share your suggestions if you like the kind too 🙂

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me : So, are you happy all your private msgs are now public on FB?
my brother : Yeah that was cool
me : awesome. Now is the time to check everyone’s wall before they delete everything =p
my brother : As if anyone ever had anything interesting to say on FB
me : phew i’m glad i never told my secrets on FB
my brother : I put my secrets on google +
at least there is nobody to read them

enabled by gtalk. powered by irony.

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