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Girls day out !

The skin care analyst robot

Roooarrr ! So I went crusading in women territory with my friend. We took an afternoon to explore the realms of facial beauty, a real event that happens every 5 years or so. Yes, really. We decided solemnly “It’s time we know. Let’s do it”. You would think women know this stuff naturally but it’s just like shell scripting, you need to learn it, it’s not loaded in your brain. And since I refuse to buy a book about facial beauty, I had to update from real world, it’s way more fun.

So we went to see the “professionals”. Apart from the cleansing lotion and some things we heard one day we really knew very little. So it was quite intimidating to go and ask the lady in the white coat, in front of the dozens of creams “So…what is all this stuff ?” We didn’t even know where to start. It’s indeed embarrassing. Fortunately, technology was around the corner, much to my delight.

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Electronic gem

For all the electronic music fanatics out there, here is some music I recently discovered. It’s by a French band and it’s totally propeling :

Chapelier fou – l’eau qui dort

Chapelier fou – superstitions

Chapelier fou – les métamorphoses du vide

Chapelier fou – cyclope & othello

Sadly I can’t embed the videos. Just click, this is AMAZING stuff, all of it, this is just a sample.

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Today’s pearl

guy dev :You know before you came we were told to behave because a girl was joining the team. We used to wear shorts and t-shirts with holes, you know. But now we wear shirts and pants when you’re around.

{ Tonight after work at my new job. Put a big smile on my face. Finally i am interacting with fun guys 🙂 }

full disclosure : indeed i am a girl in a guys only team

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