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My git settings

A good practice to use git in command line

I wish I could port my git settings from one computer to another. But how ? If only there was a guide I could follow for that. So I’ve decided to document it here so my future self can check it anytime.

Here are the settings I use for git.
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jGridder : how to fit elements in a sized grid

A recursion pattern for UI

Today I want to share about jGridder :

jGridder is a javascript UI component that I developed to fit a number of elements in a sized html grid.
It solves this problem :

Given a height and width and a number of items, how do I place those items as squares in a grid that fits those dimensions?

To see what I mean, peek at the demo :

In this post I will share my approach to design the script and tackle the problem, it’s not a tutorial about the code itself. But hopefully it will enlighten and help you regarding similar problems you might have in UI. The focus will be on the method.

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Despair and misery.

Back to the windows platform

First day of a new contract today. After spending 6 months completely away from the Windows platform (95% Linux, 5% Mac OS), today I returned : full Windows stack. Yikes! I almost puked on my keyboard.

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Living in two dimensions

Softland or Hardland ?

Imagine someone someday tells you something that shakes your whole world, but by email.
What do you do ? Go see the Software Therapist ? If only. (If only I existed).

Today was a really weird day. I had to face someone who told me incredible things that I never thought could be by email, but when face to face, I just couldn’t speak about it, I couldn’t respond. What is wrong with me ? It was like my mind was blocked by a super magnetic field that wouldn’t let it trans-code email into reality. Like I was in another dimension. Crazy. It was really impossible to bring the subject up. I realized how empty reality – hardland – can be sometimes in comparison with what’s going on in softland – the digital world. Usually it’s the contrary. So very strangely, we both went through our day, as if nothing ever happened, saying hi and ordinary stuff. What happens in the machine, stays in the machine. Yet, the data is really there ! I can read it over and over – it’s real. For the first time, the virtual world felt more real than reality itself. How crazy is that ? Am I not ready for singularity or what ?

The digital world brings so many unsuspected things out of people, I always find that astonishing, it’s so rich. Something that you would never say in reality, you suddenly feel completely free to share through light and bytes, what’s up with that ? Yes, mind barriers can be so goddamn powerful, thankfully technology exists to break them. Well I always wanted to know how another dimension could be like, now I know.

So what now ? I still need to respond. In which dimension, softland or hardland ?

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How people ruined my movie not technology

Have you heard about this movie l’écume des jours? I went to see it yesterday. You know it’s the very imaginative styled movie like Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine) loves doing. It reminded me of Brazil, but Brazil is still the best. Well, it’s the kind of movie that I love and that I looked forward to seeing ever since I knew it was coming out. So yesterday when we finally decided to see it, it was kind of a special night out. Unfortunately, 66 years ago, that small thing called “transistor” was invented and people thought they could stop doing their jobs.

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