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Kate Harff hates the machine

about:kate ♥

This is one of the discoveries of my summer : “about:kate“. It’s a German tv series about a young woman who gets herself in a psychiatric hospital to cure her depression and her only portal to the real world is through the Internet and Facebook. No, wait! Where are you going?! It’s not as bad as it sounds !

Kate Harff

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Summer reading

So, no holiday for me this summer, boo hoo.

Fortunately, I found a corner of paradise where I can have lunch sometimes and read my summer books before I go back to work.

corner of paradise

another one like me. does this happen outside of Paris? ♥

me < books > happy

The process is really efficient, I’ve already finished two books. I will review one of them shortly. If you come to Paris some day, you have to come here, it’s calm and peaceful. I never came here before and it’s now one of my favorite spots,  I could stay there for hours.

By the way, how’s your summer going ?

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