The Mega Shit Day

Today I had the most unbelievable shitiest day ever in my life. Really. I will not go through the details but in my history, this day will be known as “The Mega Shit Day”. Anyway the new profile of Stackoverflow kind of cheered me up a little bit with their new metrics called “impact”. Finally meaningful numbers ! Not numbers that are just big or low but actual numbers that make a difference, you know ! It’s very positive to see the “impact” your contribution makes. Good idea, thanks for motivating me.

You see, interfaces can make a BIG difference !

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  • maedi

    Hi Elodie, just found your blog and am very excited to read a fellow female software engineer 🙂 Hope you got over the mega shit day. Chin up!

    • Hey syster ! Welcome on my blog, and thanks for the support 🙂 Recovering still in process …