Personal commit

OK. It is exactly 1:39 AM and I am fiercely motivated to reignite my marvellous blog.

I have spent some time re-reading some articles I had written ages ago and I almost fell off my chair out of laughter. My goodness, I didn’t even try to be funny I think. And it’s very possible that I am the only one in the entire galaxy who finds what I write funny. My hypothesis is that I might come from a different dimension. See for yourself, you have got to read these articles! I can’t believe I made them public.

Anyway, it is weird to look at my past writings from the future, there’s a singular spirit that I deeply miss. It seems that I really liked technology and everything about it. It fills me with nostalgia because I still love technology, but it’s no longer the same. I have grown up maybe by 10 feet now and I view it a bit differently. I regret so much not documenting more my life as a dev in the past, it’s so important to document all this stuff even if I’m the only reader!

I just wanted to pin that I love my blog, I love the articles I wrote, I love the code I wrote, I love all the comments people kindly left, I love what I did all these years that led to all these gem stories. My blog has really helped me remember and hold tight to what I love the most in what I do. It has been a true mind repository to keep myself sane at all times. I’m so sad that something deviated me from feeding it with all the love I have for technology, I’m so sorry for this huge silence.

So I personally commit today to reignite my blog and make it live again like it used to. I really mean it as a commit – not a commitment – because then I will really PUSH it if you see what I mean. I swear I will do it. This week-end, it’s coming.

Make my blog great again !

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