“Unassigning” meaning

This is the current process that my mind is running.
This task’s purpose is very simple: “unassign” meaning from past events.

In the life of a person, the mind receives many events as input, interprets them and as a result gives them a meaning, from which it will determine the next actions for the person to do. This is the routine drill and it works. Sometimes though, this meaning assignment process fails, incorrect meaning is assigned to events, resulting fatally in incorrect actions that can cause a major crash in the person’s life. So in order to prevent that, it is necessary to operate a purge from time to time, to “unassign” meaning from past events when such meaning makes the system unstable invariably. For example, bad thoughts, bad behaviours, bad feelings, provoked by such meaning are the clear sign that the meaning assignment failed on some level. I don’t know though what will advent of such orphan events. I guess they will be collected by some other process that will either delete them or store them in some dead memory. I don’t really care.

So this is what my mind is doing at the moment !

I am patiently waiting. Eventually my system will recover better stability 😉

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