– Why ? –

In the morning you wake up to the bips of the machine. You get up, get dressed and get your hot drink from the machine. You go to work driven by the machine. On your way, you learn the news from the machine. When you arrive, you work with the machine. Throughout the day, you communicate through the machine. At the end of the day, you finally come back home and entertain yourself with the machine.

The machines are digging, already. But they’re not evil, they exist to help you. Here is the introductory article that explains the principle that drives my thoughts in this blog : Machines are digging.

– What ? –

I’m Elodie. I’m a Software Engineer in UI. I started this blog to share and learn technology related information that is useful to create better UI for systems. My area of interests regroups software design, system design, image processing, interface programming and anything that makes software better. I grew as a full stack developer but my main focus is the interaction we have with technology, it is the most important part for me. A great technology that is difficult or impossible to use is simply not great at all. This blog is a mix of personal stories, points of view and ideas about technology, one sure thing : the content is always related to technology.

– Who ? –

My personal motto is “There is a technique for everything”, the game is either to find it or invent it.

– Quickstart –

I subdivided my blog into 3 main sections :

– organic contains all the non technical articles where you can find some of my essays where I like to reflect on relevant aspects of technology,

technical contains my techniques and concrete projects, the code, “the stuff”,

notes contains my daily feed about among other things the  dev’s world because it is also a personal blog.

The Explore section in the sidebar will lead you to the main categories. You can also pick a tag from the Tags section where the topics are more specific. As a quick start I suggest you visit the favorites category where I keep the posts that I recommend, or click on the articles in the Featured posts section.

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I appreciate your visit, thank you for your interest 🙂 If you want to react and share, you can digitize your thoughts in the comments. Welcome.

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