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“Unassigning” meaning

This is the current process that my mind is running.
This task’s purpose is very simple: “unassign” meaning from past events.

In the life of a person, the mind receives many events as input, interprets them and as a result gives them a meaning, from which it will determine the next actions for the person to do. This is the routine drill and it works. Sometimes though, this meaning assignment process fails, incorrect meaning is assigned to events, resulting fatally in incorrect actions that can cause a major crash in the person’s life. So in order to prevent that, it is necessary to operate a purge from time to time, to “unassign” meaning from past events when such meaning makes the system unstable invariably. For example, bad thoughts, bad behaviours, bad feelings, provoked by such meaning are the clear sign that the meaning assignment failed on some level. I don’t know though what will advent of such orphan events. I guess they will be collected by some other process that will either delete them or store them in some dead memory. I don’t really care.

So this is what my mind is doing at the moment !

I am patiently waiting. Eventually my system will recover better stability 😉

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Green tone

If only there were green tone emojis. 🖖🖖🏻🖖🏼🖖🏽🖖🏾🖖🏿

— Me.

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I don’t use:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • React.js

Is there some kind of pattern here? 🤔

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Technology blends

Something I want to declare here: I love technology. It is part of my life, both personal and professional. There is no hard frontier between the two for me. Technology blends.

I’m saying this because in the French lifestyle there is this very strong separation between your professional life and your personal life, and work is perceived as the “evil” that consumes you and prevents you from living a happy life. Work is really the thing that gives you money, but eventually it’s like a prison where you just wait for the release time when finally you can retire. It is really like that! This leads to a very strange situation where you go to a place where you spend 30% of your time with people that you don’t know and don’t care to know, that is just weird and sad. But again, it is really like that! You see some people hating their job so much but who still come just for the money. Why does it have to be like this?

I’ve always found myself strange for actually liking what I do and being interested in it “outside of work” or go out with my coworkers “outside of work”, I’ve seen myself “uncool”, because “uh uh you don’t have a life outside of work!”. Well, thinking about it, if I wanted a so called “life outside of work”, I think I could have one. The reason for the way it is, is because I like what I do and it’s my life! Yes, I enjoy attending tech events “outside of work”, tech is occupying 80% of my mind, yes I enjoy going out with my coworkers, thank goodness! Yes, I want to know them, and yes I could be friends with them. There is no big limit for me, technology is part of my fabric, it is like that! However indeed not everybody has the same mindset so it’s not always reciprocal, but it is like that.

I just want to pin here that there is nothing bizarre in liking what you do to the point where it becomes in fact your life. This doesn’t mean that I work on week-ends or at 3AM, but it means that I care for my field AT ALL TIMES. So, imagine a workplace where you would work only with friends, that would be the best! That’s really how I envision the ideal job. Until then, let’s make the most of what I have and ENJOY.

Yes, technology is my life and it IS pretty cool like that 😉


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Late realization

Inner self: Your data model was wrong all along.
Me: 😭😭😭

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Be. Fearless.

I want to pin this moment forever in the data skyland: this week-end I went sky diving !!!

#Unforgettable #Incredible #AbsoluteAwesome #BigThrill #PureFactor

This could provoke some big stress and fear, in my case I landed the jump completely euphoric (imagine head spinning). This is absolutely something to do in your life, one day. It’s a fantastic sensation. Thinking about it is very scary, but doing it is something else, it’s pure joy, an ABSOLUTE BIG THRILL. I’ll rely on this when challenges arise and tell myself: remember, you can do this because you have jumped in the sky !!!

So here is my favourite tweet of ALL TIMES (childhood combined):

The Big Thrill.

Believe in yourself, you can do this !

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Soul mates

Soul mate is a one-to-one relationship.
Not a one-to-many, or a many-to-many (are you kidding me !!!) relationship.

Get the picture?

Me (My head is in CRAZY data modeling these days, at least this one is simple, or so you think !!!)

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Mind redirect

I wish there was a Mind Redirect.

Have you ever had the experience where your mind is stuck with an idea? You can’t detach from it. Yet, it’s an old idea that has absolutely no ground in reality. As if your mind points to an outdated repository to download its libraries that allow it to function well. This leaves you with a sick mind that doesn’t function well because it doesn’t have the correct libraries! It keeps querying something that doesn’t exist anymore and that is not real. It is so crazy. If only there was a Mind Redirect to redirect your mind to ideas that work with reality! No, seriously!

I don’t know how to liberate from this. If I could script my mind, I would totally do it… but how could I right now! Damn. Instead, I will have to tweak my perception into thinking that something in reality is not the thing that I was expecting and so on.. so organic, so inefficient!


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Life fork

On some level, I wish I could fork my Life.
… 😭

— me.

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Lovely bears

I had a great night! I went to a meetup where all the talks were really interesting. And it always produces the same effect on me, I end up all gibly-gibly (yeahh.. no need to look that up, really). What I mean is that I really enjoy the part of a meetup where you’ve been locked up in your life for a long time and then you meet other people that are like you, and suddenly the sky sort of opens. It’s hard to describe but I love those moments!

Developers is the group where I feel I really belong to and every time we talk, it goes… “YEAHHHH !!! Exactly !!!! 😳” For example, I learned tonight a new definition of “devops” as some kind of “continuous integration coach”. So interesting to exchange around that “social” role of the devops, I’ve never quite seen it that way. But then, when I think about it, I’m all “Cool!, that makes sense!”. Particularly I like and applaud when devs develop their soft skills, it’s so important and a great example for everyone.

During these nights out, I especially always enjoy observing developers personalities, and I realized that I like being a dev because you can be weird, and it’s normal. The more I know the crowd, the more I think devs are the most harmless people, they’re very like “lovely bears” that you want to hug all the time once you know them (however you should never admit that to their face! (or they might corrupt your data)). Ok, this might be the two beers and no food writing, I might deny or delete everything here, but deep down, it is the truth that I really think.

Ok, time to stop the damages. Good night.

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