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Lovely bears

I had a great night! I went to a meetup where all the talks were really interesting. And it always produces the same effect on me, I end up all gibly-gibly (yeahh.. no need to look that up, really). What I mean is that I really enjoy the part of a meetup where you’ve been locked up in your life for a long time and then you meet other people that are like you, and suddenly the sky sort of opens. It’s hard to describe but I love those moments!

Developers is the group where I feel I really belong to and every time we talk, it goes… “YEAHHHH !!! Exactly !!!! 😳” For example, I learned tonight a new definition of “devops” as some kind of “continuous integration coach”. So interesting to exchange around that “social” role of the devops, I’ve never quite seen it that way. But then, when I think about it, I’m all “Cool!, that makes sense!”. Particularly I like and applaud when devs develop their soft skills, it’s so important and a great example for everyone.

During these nights out, I especially always enjoy observing developers personalities, and I realized that I like being a dev because you can be weird, and it’s normal. The more I know the crowd, the more I think devs are the most harmless people, they’re very like “lovely bears” that you want to hug all the time once you know them (however you should never admit that to their face! (or they might corrupt your data)). Ok, this might be the two beers and no food writing, I might deny or delete everything here, but deep down, it is the truth that I really think.

Ok, time to stop the damages. Good night.

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My week-end was so high in emotions! I painted the actual metrics of my mood for posterity. I had set myself a goal this week-end to finally understand what I never understood about character encoding. I know the basics, but there was always something fuzzy (the least I can say) about it. Every time I tried to understand it further, it was big CHAOS down the road so I left it there, until now.

So I want to pin this moment: finally, I have understood CHARACTER ENCODING. Big shock. My relationship with computing is like that, I hate it and then I love it again. It is like that! To celebrate I am writing an article about encoding, it will totally revolutionize your mind!

My life is very exciting.

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It’s simple

It’s simple. You just need to understand it.
— me.

Sums up what I think of computing. In particular I am thinking of character encoding 🤕 🤒 💥

Tab vs space users storm

Hem hem.
Do you want to know how developers waste spend their time?
Read this:

Then, read the thread. 824 comments. #SERIOUSLY

If you want to understand dev culture you need to read the thread and then you will see through the thick glass. I compiled the gist of it below with my own contribution #obviously.

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Personal commit

OK. It is exactly 1:39 AM and I am fiercely motivated to reignite my marvellous blog.

I have spent some time re-reading some articles I had written ages ago and I almost fell off my chair out of laughter. My goodness, I didn’t even try to be funny I think. And it’s very possible that I am the only one in the entire galaxy who finds what I write funny. My hypothesis is that I might come from a different dimension. See for yourself, you have got to read these articles! I can’t believe I made them public.

Anyway, it is weird to look at my past writings from the future, there’s a singular spirit that I deeply miss. It seems that I really liked technology and everything about it. It fills me with nostalgia because I still love technology, but it’s no longer the same. I have grown up maybe by 10 feet now and I view it a bit differently. I regret so much not documenting more my life as a dev in the past, it’s so important to document all this stuff even if I’m the only reader!

I just wanted to pin that I love my blog, I love the articles I wrote, I love the code I wrote, I love all the comments people kindly left, I love what I did all these years that led to all these gem stories. My blog has really helped me remember and hold tight to what I love the most in what I do. It has been a true mind repository to keep myself sane at all times. I’m so sad that something deviated me from feeding it with all the love I have for technology, I’m so sorry for this huge silence.

So I personally commit today to reignite my blog and make it live again like it used to. I really mean it as a commit – not a commitment – because then I will really PUSH it if you see what I mean. I swear I will do it. This week-end, it’s coming.

Make my blog great again !

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When I fail to sleep, I feel there is a background process that I don’t manage to kill and that eats all my cpu. 😕

— me (1:26 AM). 

Sync button Reality <-> Imagination

I wish there was some kind of SYNC button to sync my imagination with reality. This would really help avoid super huge disappointments !!!

Feature request [Team: Evolution]:
– User presses button on the body.
– The brain connects with some kind of unified source of truth aka Reality.
– The brain updates its local data aka Imagination by syncing its model with Reality.
– User is happy and acts rationally again.

-> What do you think?

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The Mega Shit Day

Today I had the most unbelievable shitiest day ever in my life. Really. I will not go through the details but in my history, this day will be known as “The Mega Shit Day”. Anyway the new profile of Stackoverflow kind of cheered me up a little bit with their new metrics called “impact”. Finally meaningful numbers ! Not numbers that are just big or low but actual numbers that make a difference, you know ! It’s very positive to see the “impact” your contribution makes. Good idea, thanks for motivating me.

You see, interfaces can make a BIG difference !

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