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Today I wrote a handwritten letter

This post is about the experience of writing letters on paper and the experience of writing emails. There is something special about handwritten letters and I wonder if that specialness can translate to emails maybe. Continue reading

Today I wrote a handwritten letter.

I know, big deal.

It reminded me of the middle ages and the romantic letters. But it reminded me also of the times when I needed to write handwritten letters to apply for internships, it was recommended because it was perceived more “authentic”. And I remember the lectures we had about how it was illegal for companies to analyse your handwriting to detect some personality disorder. It was not so long ago, maybe 5 or 7 years ago. Now, who would write a handwritten letter? I still write a lot, but I will never use handwriting to communicate anymore. Actually I’m pretty sure my friends don’t even know my handwriting. But today I needed to write a urgent administrative letter and I don’t have a printer at home, so I couldn’t write a modern digitized letter. Well, not a problem, with a pen and paper it’s easy, or not…

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“I really hate talking” : how Technology makes it OK

“I really hate talking” : this was my google search query of the day.

There is something I like to do…when a thought pops up in my head I like typing it in google and see if other people had the same thought too. I find it really amusing that sometimes the exact sentence I thought of, even as weird as it is, with the same combination of words appears in google. There is something reassuring to it. “Ohh google thinks like me ….. :)”. Other times when there is no result at all, it’s also flattering. “Hehe my thoughts are so unique … :)”. Today when I typed “I really hate talking” in google, it was really to measure how many people out there didn’t like talking either, I was certainly hoping to be reassured on some level…by the Internet.

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