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Digital narcissism: We are digital mammals

Do you google yourself?

I saw a documentary untitled “I am the Media” directed by Richard Rassat that discusses the question of digital narcissism. It shows how the Internet has become a way for us to exhibit ourselves more and be more narcissistic. The documentary begins with the question “Do you google yourself?” and in fact this is the question asked to all the people interviewed and almost all of them answer yes.


Narcissus (by Caravage)

As mentioned in the documentary, people used to like looking at themselves in the mirror, now they like “googling” themselves. The documentary showed many examples of self exhibition (some of them were really extreme) such as personal web tvs that broadcast someone’s life in a live video blog, compulsive bloggers and famous youtubbers. I have to say, I don’t use much social media and I mainly use the Internet to share information but I feel ill at ease to share things about my person, indeed I am one of those reserved dinosaurs. But since there is so much enthusiasm spreading online to get the most followers, subscribers, friends through any way possible, it seems that the Internet has invented a new sport : the self marketing. This new hobby of the modern homo sapiens itched my curiosity and obliged me to study the question of digital narcissism.

Why do people share all their life openly online? Why do they reveal what they ate at lunch?

I am curious, is it really only about self mirroring through the Internet? Even me, I had to open a blog about my interest for technology. Is it narcissistic to share my point of view? Is digital narcissism a bad thing and did technology encourage it? Or is it society that is becoming more narcissistic? What is the role of the Internet in the expansion of narcissism?

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An Interview With Myself

Hello Elodie
Hello yourself.

Why do you write in English?
Because on the web, words come to my mind in English. My English is not perfect but I assure you my computer will correct it as soon as it gets intelligent. My primary language is French.

Why did you start this blog?
Every plant starts as a seed.
This is my seed.

What do you believe in?
Science, the brain, and the rational approach.
But that doesn’t mean I don’t have big dreams in my head =)

So what are your hopes and dreams?
A LCD screen.

By the way, do you have a personal API?
Hmm, no. But my future version will.

How do you define yourself then? In 54 characters please.
I’m a living consciousness in this brilliant universe.

Define yourself in one word now

In one character

How do you know this?
I just know.

Just like that?
Just like that.

That is a-mazing! What about your skills? Can you name a few?
Controlled craziness.

Also, as I was browsing your mind I noticed you have a category “the deep sleep courses”, what’s that?
Ahh those, yes. Hmm it’s just some courses I was forced to study without ever understanding what it was about. I think it was marketing, finance and law. I could never understand design courses either, but at least I was interested.

What is your tech profile?
Computer: ‘Macbook’,
Phone: ‘HTC Desire’,
Camera: [‘Fujifilm FinePix F50d’, ‘Canon 550D’],
Else: [‘iPod’,’TV’,’remote control’,’Fridge’],
WebApps: [‘Gmail’, ‘GoogleDocs’, ‘i love Google’],
Homepage: ‘www.google.com’,
Bookmarks: [‘Flickr’, ‘Twitter’,’8Tracks’, ‘Deezer’, ‘StumbleUpon’, ‘Netvibes’],
Browsers: [‘Firefox’,’Chrome’],
IDE: ‘Notepad ++’

Who is your best friend?
My computer. I hope my phone won’t get jealous.

Anything you want to add?
I hate popups. They make me want to vomit.

Thank you!
You are welcome, anytime. This has been a great use of my time.

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