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Lovely bears

I had a great night! I went to a meetup where all the talks were really interesting. And it always produces the same effect on me, I end up all gibly-gibly (yeahh.. no need to look that up, really). What I mean is that I really enjoy the part of a meetup where you’ve been locked up in your life for a long time and then you meet other people that are like you, and suddenly the sky sort of opens. It’s hard to describe but I love those moments!

Developers is the group where I feel I really belong to and every time we talk, it goes… “YEAHHHH !!! Exactly !!!! 😳” For example, I learned tonight a new definition of “devops” as some kind of “continuous integration coach”. So interesting to exchange around that “social” role of the devops, I’ve never quite seen it that way. But then, when I think about it, I’m all “Cool!, that makes sense!”. Particularly I like and applaud when devs develop their soft skills, it’s so important and a great example for everyone.

During these nights out, I especially always enjoy observing developers personalities, and I realized that I like being a dev because you can be weird, and it’s normal. The more I know the crowd, the more I think devs are the most harmless people, they’re very like “lovely bears” that you want to hug all the time once you know them (however you should never admit that to their face! (or they might corrupt your data)). Ok, this might be the two beers and no food writing, I might deny or delete everything here, but deep down, it is the truth that I really think.

Ok, time to stop the damages. Good night.

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I just come back from a meetup at Deezer HQ this time. Deezer, you know, the online music service. And on our way out we were waiting for another dev as he went to the toilets. And when he got out here is what he said :

Dev n.1 (poet): Guys, you know what. I think the water tap in the washroom works just like the Deezer player. I pushed it and then, it was like…loading the water.
Dev n.2: That’s because you didn’t use the water tap Premium.
Dev n.3 (me): LOL.

It’s so insane but so poetic at the same time, isn’t it? I never get tired of discussing with developers especially after two beers, when the darkest secrets of software development are unleashed (so many stories to be told here). Tech meetups are becoming part of my survival routine to get a sign from the universe that I am not alone : there are “others” like me !!

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