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Taxed in 3 clicks or the universal money extraction

3 clicks. That’s all it took me to declare my income to the French government so I can be taxed later. Sweet. Regarding the taxes, it seems the government deployed the technical swat team to extract the money out of the citizens. Every year they get better and better. This year, you could even declare your income from your smartphone by flashing a QR code both on Android and iPhone. Also you have the option to get their mail delivered only electronically, no paper anymore. The webapp is as fast as a high level app. Really, I give them 20/20.

Remember though, the Internet voting or the anti-democratic catastrophe ? Now I see where exactly the priorities are. They don’t ask me to install a JVM before they can tax me. Poor voting team, they must be really jealous when they see the tax team working with iMacs and iPhones when they only get to work on Windows 2000.

Well, well, still very good, high five to the tax team.

The Internet voting or the anti-democratic catastrophe

Yes this is my first 2012 post, I have a lot of catch up to do, not that I have been out of stories to tell but I just didn’t have the time to tell them right. I hope I’ll be able in another post to give an update on what I have been up to. But for now let’s throw this story out there before all the rest of my pile of untold stories, because this one is fresh and goldmine.


I’ve just finished a skype call with my mom. I have been helping her to vote online for the French legislative elections, for approximately two hours. I was helping her from France while she was in Madagascar, I was her personal hotline. She didn’t explicitly asked for help, but when we finished talking about life stuff she asked me how she could change her javascript version. It’s a red flag by itself when your mom asks you this kind of questions. Then when she elaborated, she explained that she was trying to vote online for the French legislative elections, and she couldn’t because her javascript version was wrong according to the voting website. Apparently the voting website detected her browser settings and made her install something to change the javascript version. Normally she had to install their software and then restart the browser and it should work. But she didn’t know how to install that software. So there she was, her javascript version was wrong, how could she replace it ?!  I don’t know much about Windows debugging and stuff, but javascript ?! THAT I know!

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